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Consider Your Ways

By Mt. Pleasant Herndon in Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 5 months ago | 7722 views Link:

View Pastor Donalson’s message from Sunday, February 11, 2018. 


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Niecie Houston

FYI – God is Awesome!  If you were listening to Erica Campbell this morning (104.1) 0855am – Feb 11)), the topic of discussion “What was your Pastor’s sermon message?”Our very MPBC member got through and shared Pastor Donaldson’s message and referenced the scripture.  Larissa, “Thank you” for the shout out!

Kimberly Donalson

Wow!!!  Thanks. I missed it this morning!

Carolyn Gregory

Me too.  It was an awesome message. But then they all are 😊

Larissa Briscoe

Lol. No problem Ms. Niecie! I was glad I got thru and only wished I had my in depth notes to give them the 5 points.

Felicia D Hawkins

If We’re going to Consider Our Way, We Have to Do 5 Things:

-         God Comes First

-         Generosity Produces Prosperity

-         Giving Is Guided By Our Hearts

-         Grace Is Received Through Giving

-         Go To Christ In Everything (My wording may be off on this one)


Larissa Briscoe

5. Go to Christ for the example in giving!

Larissa Briscoe

And of course I forgot our hashtag. Sigh… but All Glory to God!

Felicia D Hawkins

Lol. God knew your heart so that’s all that matters! Love & Blessings darling.


Thanks for the 5th one. I’ll update my notes

Sylvia Glenn-Bailey

Pastor Donalson always brings a mighty and uplifting message.

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