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Blessing By Faith

By Mt. Pleasant Herndon in Potomac Falls Outreach/ East Africa Missions 7 months ago | 1784 views Link:

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Blessing By Faith

It was reported back in May of 2018, that East African Mission Team (EAMT) Ground Missionary, Pastor Fred Wanyama, was without transportation. Pastor Fred, as he is often referred to as, utilizes a motorcycle in order to travel 224 miles to cover the vast territory in the far outlining areas were the Pokot people live. The Pokot people are an indigenous people who live in an isolated region of the outer NW section of Kenya and SE section of Uganda.

Pastor Fred’s need of this ministry tool is essential in overseeing and disciplining church plants and meeting with tribal and government officials in order to negotiate peace and address issues that are brought to his attention.

The EAMT leaders joined with Pastor Fred in prayer asking God to provide for this need and through God’s people at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (MPBC), God “made a way where there was no way.” Through the giving of MPBC members and Ministry based Leadership, Missions Director and Pastor that just doesn’t “talk the talk, but walks the walk,” EAMT is joyfully excited to report that this prayer of faith was answered.

Pastor Fred sends his thanks to God, the people of God at MPBC, the MPBC Leadership, the Missions Director and Pastor Kevin E. Donalson Jr. for answering the call of God. Rev Denise and Captain Sam thank you, too.

We are Blessed to be a blessing, God is with you, Trust God.

Captain Samuel Snyder

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